Set to tie in with face to face Therapy.

Housebound, busy, worried, or anxious? Do you struggle to get child care? Read on if you answered yes to any of the above. Online Counselling – via Whats-app is set to tie in with the traditional methods of face to face therapy.

Keeping it current with Online counselling

As we advance into a world of modern technology Online Counselling – via Whats-app is becoming increasingly popular. I’m sure we all know the importance of keeping in line with today’s’ climate of what people want. I’m here right now to tell you more. Sit back and read the next paragraph to find out more about the benefits to this convenient type of therapy.

Benefits of Online Counselling

I’d like to star by saying that Online counselling has huge advantages. Firstly, and importantly, it offers timely help beyond the limitations of traditional office hours. Second is it’s flexibility, which I shall explain, as you read on. Thirdly, is the versatility of how you would like to connect. Also explained in more detail, further on. In conclusion, it’s an all-round good choice for many people.

Some examples

In this paragraph, I will show examples, where it has helped. For instance, the bride-to-be; In short, called me up on her wedding day to help settle her nerves. Then, the anxious businessman with a fear of flying. He consequently had a session from an airport lounge. Parents who struggle to get a child minder or similarly, feel anxious to leave their babies. Therefore, they can check in with their therapist after the kids have gone to bed. You may be housebound, that is to say, with a mental or physical impairment. As a result, these benefits can be a godsend. Worried about going out because of anxiety or fear? If so, It seems like this could be at very the heart of why you you would like some help. Finally, to sum it up, for many of you, Online Counselling could be the perfect solution.

How to access Online Counselling – via Whats-app

The whatsapp application.
You can use this from a variety of devices. Mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet; they all apply. Depending on what is most convenient at the time, you can switch devices. If you don’t already have the App, click on the above link to set it up. It’s very simple to download and is FREE. Please note: you will need an internet connection to enable Online Counselling.

The flexibility

Most importantly, Online Counselling gives an individual more freedom. By combining your face to face therapy it’s flexible. I have a client that takes regular business trips away for three weeks to a month at a time. By using this method, we are able to keep in contact in a very real way. A huge plus is the flexibility of being able to video talk from any destination in the world. Remember, you must have an internet connection.

Stay connected and keep it real with Online Counselling - via Whats-app
Stay connected and keep it real with Online Counselling – via Whats-app.


The fees for Online Counselling.

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